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Hold off using Internet Explorer

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Hold off using Internet Explorer

By Aaron Williams

Following the discovery of a vulnerability across all major distributions of Internet Explorer (that’s everything from IE 6 on Windows XP to IE11 on Windows 8) by security firm FireEye, the Computer Emergency Readiness Team have issued a recommendation to the US and the UK to stop using Internet Explorer until the bug has been officially fixed.

The exploit is using the browser’s flash plugin to install malware onto computers so if you have no option but to stick with IE then you can disable the flash plugin in conjunction with using Microsoft’s EMET security application. However this is only for those of you that really do have their hands tied.

A warning from CERT to change browsers is particularly rare and certainly one to take heed of until this particular bug has been swatted.

It’s also important to note that due to IE 6 being old, decrepit and no longer supported by Microsoft, if you haven’t upgraded already then this is the perfect opportunity as it is unlikely to be shown any love when the fix gets rolled out.

We will be sure to post when we hear that a fix has been implemented (hopefully soon) so be sure to check back!

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