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How to claim your Facebook company page

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By Karen Oliver

Facebook has huge potential when it comes to marketing your business. It’s a quick and instant way of updating and communicating with your customers. It strengthens your brand and your credibility, as you share useful articles, events, conferences and news. By searching for friends and building your social network, you’ll gain more visibility and boost interest in your business.

If you haven’t yet claimed your custom Facebook URL, e.g. facebook.com/abcltd, grab it now before someone else does. Our simple guide below shows you how.

Create a page

First, go to www.facebook.com, click on the “Create a page” link under the sign-up

Follow the steps to create a new Facebook account for your business, or choose to use an account you may already have. To complete your sign-up, click on the button, then hit the “Company, Organization, or Institution” box.

Click the confirmation link in the email that’s sent to you.

Content is king

Add your logo, your company address details and upload some photos (they’re a great way to attract and engage your audience). Then get posting some interesting comments and articles, not forgetting to add links to your website. Your content should be useful and relevant to your industry or business.

Secure it

To “secure” your custom URL, which looks more professional than a long address, you need to get 25 people to “Like” your page. Zebedee is at the ready if you need help with this.

When you’ve reached 25 ‘Likes’, go to your account settings, click on “username”, and add your chosen name, which will become your URL. This cannot be changed, so make sure you get it right first time!

Use it!

Once your URL is secured, you’ll need to promote it and let people know it exists. Be sure to add it to your website with the Facebook icon – alternatively, add the ‘Like’ button to your website, which will automatically add it to your visitors’ Facebook profiles when they click on it, and help build your network.

Spread the word: send it out on your newsletters, add it to your email signature and print it on your company stationery.

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