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Brand Refresh

Project snapshot

Client - The Share Foundation

Date - 02 June 2016

The challenge /
Refreshing the heritage of an existing brand

An effective brand refresh will revitalise a company’s image and drive its success. When commencing a project like this, it's important to understand the values, ethos and audience of the company first, and in this case, the heritage of an existing logo and whether it is still relevant.

With The Share Foundation, this heritage came in the form of an intricate owl emblem - beautiful and historic looking, but not especially modern or clean - the appearance we were looking to achieve. The owl was part of a family emblem - keeping an element of it was key to the success of the new identity but its current messaging posed the biggest challenge for our designer.

Not only this, the brand needed to sit alongside two sister companies, so it was paramount that we used the same typeface to keep the overall larger brand identity intact.


Our approach /
Building a link

Our first step was to adjust the typeface to the new brand font ‘DAX’. This kept the bond between the three companies (one of which is Share Radio, we developed their website back in 2014).

Then the logo needed an icon which could be used in connection with the brand and ultimately symbolised what they are about - empowerment, inspiration and knowledge. After initial research and experimentation, we decided the best way forward was still with an owl which allowed us to keep some of the original heritage. Then creating a soaring owl, which sits just above the final letter, evoked the feeling we wanted to project - owls are a majestic, powerful bird; a soaring owl lends itself to our ‘empowerment’ messaging and represents wisdom and independence.

When approaching the branding guidelines we needed to be aware of a potential younger audience who need the typography to be ultra clean and clear. The main body font had to have a no frills approach, Arial was perfect, quick to load and often used for clarity in text.

With the overall identity receiving high praise from the Trustees, we applied the new brand to the website

We decided Squarespace was the best platform to use, it's user friendly and allows control over the content and design - typically very up to date, responsive and clean. Using the developer platform we were able to manipulate the theme to look and act differently, giving The Share Foundation a more unique and customised design. Using Squarespace allowed us to create the website very quickly despite the nature its rich content - something which doesn't always go too well with a clean look or speedy development.

The result /
A brand that is user friendly and strong

We’ve created a refreshed identity that's perfect for the user, and perfect for the client. Both the logo and rebrand of the website were a hit within the Board of Trustees and as always - delivered with the Zebedee zing - on time and on budget!

Sharefound branding