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Umbraco CMS Development

Project snapshot

Client - The British Comedy Awards

Date - 01 January 2011

The challenge /
Comedy is all in the timing

The British Comedy Awards is Britain’s leading awards ceremony for all comedy programmes, performers and producers across the UK television industry. When they commissioned Zebedee to design and build an exciting, interactive and dynamic new web site and voting application to shortlist the finalists, we were so proud we nearly went into a weepily babbling acceptance speech.

The challenge was to plan and manage the project to extremely tight deadlines that were set in stone (you don’t mess around when there’s a TV show going on air). This meant incredibly detailed levels of organisation and constant monitoring to keep on top of the timeline and ensure everything was fully tested and ready to go on time.

Our approach /
Spotlight on the voting

Umbraco CMS was our preferred choice of content management system, because it’s open source code and fully extensible (meaning it allows complete control over a bespoke template and is fast and robust).

Working to incredibly tight deadlines our development team delivered a user-friendly web site with full Title, META tag & dynamic, URL control and support of YouTube video embedding.

The voting web application was designed to be a highly secure application to shortlist the winners. It included functionality for the Management of the voting process, including enabling access for voting and jury pages, as well as reporting according to auditing constraints. It also enabled communication with Academy members, including invitation and reminder emails; updates of voting pages and nominee details; and the ability to upload/test shortlisted videos for preview by jury members.

Monitor presenting the Umbraco CMS interface

The result /
Smiles all round

The British Comedy Awards now have a truly showbiz front-end design with dazzle and sparkle, which is also flexible and easy to update. They can add updates minutes after the winners are announced on TV. And we scored a big hit with the online voting application, which is a huge responsibility as it supports the integral basis of the show. Without it we wouldn’t have a King or Queen of Comedy!

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"The job was by no means straightforward, with ever-changing deadlines and decisions, which the team at Zebedee handled with great professionalism, attention to detail and confidentiality. Their ability to accommodate the demands of the job was unparalleled. The rapport we built up with the team was great and helped us achieve an excellent end result which we are all very pleased with. " Mike Brosnan, Creative Director, Unique TV, London - British Comedy Awards