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Corporate Social Responsibility

Good web designers in more ways than one - from cycling to recycling, we like to do our bit.

We can’t swear we wouldn’t eat your last sweetie, but we do try to be good. So we’re almost as keen on CSR as we are on SEO.

Corporate and social responsibility. To us, it means just two things: we won’t put profit before people, ethics or the environment, and we work hard to be more sustainable.

So our priorities are:

  • Treating our clients properly

  • Looking after our employees

  • Making our operations ethical and safe

  • Taking a sustainable approach to the environment

Some specifics?
We do our best to:

Recycle paper, glass, tins, plastics, toner cartridges, and cardboard

Cut back on our paper usage

Use ecologically-sound suppliers, such as a ‘green’ taxi company

Buy fairly-traded supplies

Use recycled paper and products

Promote healthy work practices (using the right chairs, safe equipment etc)

Recycle old computer equipment by passing on to new users

Provide glasses and mugs rather than disposables

Minimise energy usage by switching off lights and equipment

We’re also members of the Cycle to Work scheme, so we’re often to be found on our bikes. And yes, there are hills in London.

"Karen really understood the approach we wanted to take and always had the time and patience to guide us with technical queries." Nigel Collett, Design Director, RPA Group