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Why us?

Smart strategy, gorgeous design, friendly people and a painless process. If that’s music to your ears, Zebedee’s your band.

Ten reasons to work with us

1 - You’ll get an agency that does what it should do

We take time to get under the skin of your business, pinning down your objectives so we can build a beautiful website that meets them.

2 - You’ll get clued-up strategists

What will make your site as sticky as honey? What will make someone choose you, not your competitor? That’s the bedrock we build your site on.

3 - You’ll get across-the-board experience

From simple brochure sites to bells-and-whistles enterprise mega-sites, we’ve been around the website block and learned what makes sites great.

4 - You’ll get real value for money

We manage our costs to keep fees reasonable, shunning swanky offices and finding the most efficient way forward instead of racking up unnecessary extra hours.

5 - You’ll get zippy, professional service

With two London offices and a proven smooth-running process, we’ll get your project delivered fast.

6 - You’ll get the right balance

Most web agencies are either design or technology led. Our designers know technology and the techies know design – so our sites look good and work perfectly.

7 - You’ll get a friendly, unpretentious crew

No bull, no prima donnas and no creative histrionics: just an enjoyable, hassle-free route to a website you’re proud of and an excellent ROI.

8 - You’ll get people who stick around

We don’t just take your fee and walk away. Instead, we’re there for as long as you need us – helping with everything from testing and refining to management.

9 - You’ll get a team that’s made hundreds of clients happy

A staggering 98% would use us again and recommend us to others.

The 10th reason?
The Zebedee Test

Not all web designers understand the link between brand, design and response.

We do. So when we create your website, every single element has to pass the 3-question Zebedee Test:

Is this right for our client’s brand?

Will it help to meet their objectives?

Will the reader respond as required?

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