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Branding and Print Design


Quick, name a fizzy drink. Did you say “Coke”? Most people do.

Say “coffee shop” and they’ll say “Starbucks”. Say “motorbike” and wait for “Harley”. And “footballer” will trigger “Beckham” for many years yet.

That’s strong branding for you. It sets you apart from the also-rans and makes a fantastically powerful impression.

So let us help you stand out from the crowd – whether you’re creating a brand from scratch or looking to refresh your existing branding.

What makes you different? What do you believe in? How do you want to come across – fun, serious, funky, professional, friendly, traditional? What do your customers care about? What will make them act?

We’ll figure out these questions with you, then create an original brand that really makes its mark. From the colours to the copy, from the images to the logo, we’ll stamp your brand on every single element until it’s as strong as an ox who’s been weight-training with Superman.

And because consistency is vital, we offer full multimedia branding – from business cards and brochures to websites and advertisements.

Print design

Signage and sales letters, press ads and posters, corporate brochures and catalogues. Great print design can get you noticed, engage your customers and bring in more business.

Here at Zebedee, we love creating striking concepts that will help you stand out. But we’re also fanatical about the details that make the difference – from the paper stock and shape, to the colours, fonts, graphics and tone of voice.

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