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Copywriting and content writing

Get the writing right.

Imagine an elegant champagne flute crafted in dazzling Dartington crystal, just waiting for that deliciously chilled fizz.

Now imagine filling it with lukewarm pond water.

That’s what it’s like to load a great-looking web site with flat, dull content. It sends readers running. It’s a wasted opportunity and produces a lousy return on investment. And yet it’s surprisingly common.

But fill your sparkling new website with equally sparkling copy and you’re onto a winner.

Our go-to copywriter is Jane Kingsmill, who creates crisp and compelling content that makes your website work even harder. She knows how to grab a visitor’s attention, keep them reading and make them act.

All this, while also optimising the copy for search engines and bringing your brand to life.

So whether you need web site copy, white papers, marketing emails, brochure copy or video scripts, Zebedee can give you the words that work.

Copywriting on keyboard