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Search Engine Optimisation


Hide and seek is for kids, not for web sites


Your potential customers are using search engines each day looking for businesses like yours - and they don’t spend much time seeking! If your web site is not in prime position or grabbing people’s attention then you’re losing business.

SEO Experts

All Zebedee-designed web sites are optimised right from the planning stage - but we can rescue SEO-starved web sites, too.

Our SEO experts know exactly what to do to get you a great return on investment. From optimising your meta data to performing in-depth website ‘health checks’ and fixes.

There’s no time for games when you have new business to take care of.

Results that speak for themselves

What we do works. Our SEO plan has produced these real average results across Zebedee’s clients, as well as our own web site:

Of course, numbers alone won’t get your CEO smiling. But we get the right people coming to your site: relevant people, ready to engage. In other words, your target market.

SEO Info Graphic

Our 5-step SEO Plan


Web site optimisation

This simply means optimising the code of your web site for search engines.


Search engine submission

We manually submit your site to search engines, which helps increase number of visitors – especially those who may have heard about your business but don’t know your web site address.


Google AdWords campaign

This targets people actively looking for your products and services. Pay-per-click pricing means you only pay when people click on your ad, making it easy to control costs.


Quarterly monitoring & reporting

Things change fast in the digital world, so we keep tabs on what’s working and what needs tweaking – and we keep you in the loop.


Monthly updates

Search engines favour recently-updated sites, so we resubmit your site and add updated text and keywords.