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Social Media Integration

Ever since the first cave tribe carved “here be woolly mammoths” into a rock, organisations have needed to communicate.

And nowadays that communication is often two-way, via social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. It’s a fantastic way to get closer to your customers and give them stand-out service.

But it’s not enough to tick the “we’re on Twitter” box. The value of all that tweeting and posting jumps dramatically when it’s integrated with your web site.

In English, that means anything from having icons that link to your social media, to having your live Twitter feed  on your homepage.

And it’s something that Zebedee can sort out faster than you can say “140 characters”.

In short, social media integration is a great way to build your business – and we’d love to do it for you. We do like our clients to be a social success.

Monitor with social media icons