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Just like a good party, your web site needs a good host – someone who looks after you, introduces you to everyone, fixes any problems promptly and throws intruders off the premises. (Of course, a champagne fountain would be nice too.)

Web site hosting is what puts your site online, making it accessible to the world.  It’s where all the behind-the-scenes stuff happens: domain names, spam filters, password resetting and strange terms like MYSQL and SMTP.

And its job is to save the day in a crisis, when your web site goes down, your emails aren’t working and you’re about to start losing business.

Fear not – you’re in good hands. Zebedee offers two types of web hosting:

So as well as setting up the party and making the place look nice, we’re ready to host it too. To be honest, it makes sense to have your web site and hosting all under one roof.

And just like the perfect host, we’d love to welcome you under ours.

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