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Web Design and Development

Creating a brilliant web site takes art, science and a bunch of hard work. Here we fling aside the curtain and reveal why Zebedee web sites are winners.

Step 1 –
Getting to know your business

We love web design, but not for its own sake. We love what it can achieve. So first, we get you to tell us all about your organisation and your audience – until we’ve pinned down exactly what you want from your web site and how we can make it happen.

Cup of coffee and biscuits

Step 2 –
Designing your web site

Based on what we’ve learned, we design you a beautiful web site that works hard for its living. One that makes people sit up and take notice (we hate tired templates and me-too copy) – and looks good on everything from PCs and Macs to smartphones and iPads.

Monitor with Photoshop

Step 3 –
The development phase

A Zebedee web site is like a Formula One car. Behind the fantastic looks and flawless performance is a finely-tuned development process. It takes ingenuity and technical brilliance, and leaves absolutely nothing to chance. But to the viewer, it just looks beautifully simple and powerfully impressive.

Screen grab displaying code

Step 4 –
Testing, testing...

So your web site looks great, reads like a dream and is more engaging than an engagement ring. But now we test the living daylights out of it, checking everything from the HTML and fonts to various browsers and window sizes – until we’re sure it’s rock-solid and good to go.

Monitor with browser icons

Step 5 –

Your web site hits the web – bringing your brand vividly to life, catching your audience’s interest and working hard for your business. It’s a great return on investment, and it’s all been refreshingly painless.

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