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Digital Web Design / UX Design

Any agency can make your web design look pretty. But if you want it to work, you need much more than that.

UX (user experience) web design is all about making your site work for the user. It includes a cunning box of tricks that make people respond to your site subliminally, navigate it easily, and do what you want.

In short, it’s key to a good return on investment.

Ever wondered why you’ve instantly signed up for a newsletter? Or why one online bank seems more professional than another? Or why it’s far too easy to spend money on Amazon?

Yup, it’s all down to the magic of UX web design. Everything’s there for a reason ... but as with all good magic, the viewer doesn’t notice the method. They simply respond – just like that.

Luckily, when it comes to UX wizardry we’re like Merlin, Dumbledore and Gandalf rolled into one (without the beards).

Right from the planning stage, and keeping your users in mind throughout, we use a host of proven techniques – from the golden ratio to colour balance – to create the structure, usability and feel that will make your web site work like a charm.

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