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10 Reasons to have a great Web Site Design

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By Karen Oliver

The online masses. We live in a digital world that is growing rapidly day by day. On the move, for business, leisure or simply checking emails – millions of savvy online users are looking for services, entertainment and products.

Gone are the days of the phone directory. Nowadays people are using search engines to research and find what they’re looking for and make online transactions fast and effortlessly. In this day and age, not having a website is akin to not having a telephone.

Consider your competitors may have a great looking web site – and YOUR customers will be contacting them without hesitation. Staying ahead of the game by embracing web marketing and keeping your site up to date can give you an edge over your competition.

Current customers will refer you. By emailing a link to your web site, customers can refer you in a matter of a few clicks.

Your web site is cost-effective. A print advertising campaign in a newspaper or magazine can cost the same as a web site. Newspapers are printed once then thrown away, web sites last longer.

Web sites evolve and grow with your company. Approach your web design strategy in phases, with less risk and you can spread the cost whilst still achieving great results.

Measurable return on investment. Analytics can tell you how many people are visiting your web site, where they are coming from and what they are doing. Tracking goals and conversions can give you deeper insight to where your marketing budget is being spent wisely.

Reduce customer service costs. Frequently asked questions or maps and directions can offer the information directly without your time and involvement. Your web site can be your 24-hour shop assistant, reducing admin time and human error.

Web sites are instant. Once you’ve printed a brochure, there’s no going back, but a web site can be updated instantly and reach more people.

Keep in touch. Newsletters and mailing campaigns are cheap, flexible and regular ways to stay in touch with your customers in a non-intrusive way.

Credibility: When you point potential clients or customers, investors or even potential employees to a professionally designed web site, it sends them a strong message that you mean business – without having to say a word!

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