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How to create the architecture of a beautiful web site, quickly.

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By Sarah Preston

Moreno Masey is an architecture and interiors practice based in London, and much like their projects, our challenge of constructing a new web site design for them involved developing a concept and careful planning to achieve an intuitive and unique design.

Squarespace was our CMS of Choice

The design is clean and so can be very interesting if you have good imagery, which was the case for this project; allowing us to show off their wide range of projects and stunning images of the unique spaces they create.

Squarespace is, perhaps, a perfect fit for any creative business looking for a very cost effective, quick web site.

It is a ready-made CMS with predesigned templates which allows you to publish your content quickly and easily; you don’t need to design and develop a web site from scratch which saves a lot of time. All of the tools on Squarespace are made by Squarespace themselves, so they are well tested and ready to use. Not only can you easily add images and text, but also maps, blogs, video or sound. It’s straightforward for anyone to update.

The challenge

It can be hard to make more customised web sites using only the Squarespace tools. Sure, you can change the colours, the background, decide the size of your font or even use a Typekit custom font, but you can’t easily add new functionality. Squarespace does provide access to the developer platform, allowing us to modify the template code slightly; and that’s where it gets exciting. You are not limited to using only the tools which Squarespace provide, you can control the site’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Using this handy developer platform allowed us to add Pinterest and Twitter sharing buttons. In addition we added our own CSS to create different layouts to fit with the needs of the client.

The great thing with Squarespace is that you can mix and match, customising what needs to be adapted, and just dropping in other elements which are great as they are. If unique design is not a requirement, it is extremely cost effective for creating stunning brochure ware web sites, very quickly.

Have a look at the results for yourself on the Moreno Masey Web Site . And if you would like to see what we can do for your business, get in touch.

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