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My internship at Zebedee Creations Web Design Agency in London

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By Maxime Julian

An internship in a foreign country is a rewarding experience. Maxime Julian, a Web Design and Web Development student at the IUT de Saint Raphaël (France) joined our web agency in April for a two month internship within our company. Here is his low down on the experience so far…

“I’m fascinated about the web field. It’s done from multiple elements that, when combined, make a useful product for the communication. For any domain you’re working in, there will always be a solution using web tools and that will permit you to grow up your activity by promoting, selling… That’s what led me to this field.

Moreover, I like to travel, to discover other countries and other cultures. The United Kingdom attracted me, especially London. After doing some research on the internet, I discovered Zebedee Creations in London thanks to their web site and I wanted to apply for an internship.

After a few emails exchanges and a Skype interview, I was hired!
The first days within the company were really nice. The team friendly welcomed me: my integration was not a problem and they quickly introduced me to their clients in London.

I discovered how Zebedee Creations deal with the projects that are given to them, from the first step where you analyse the different possible solutions to meet client expectations, passing by the design and the development of the product, to the final deployment.

My role is multiple. My mission is principally about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which consists to make web sites being the most visible on search engines as Google or Bing. The more a web site is well ranked on search engines, the more it will bring new clients and with them; money.

Working in a web agency in London is giving me so much: I improve my English and I discover new tools, other ways to work.”

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