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Usability Testing & Evaluation

Increase user satisfaction and
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Experience your website
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As global businesses, we have access to more statistical data than ever before. But analytics will not tell us how people interact, or explain how or why they do it, or what they’re experiencing.

Creating a successful user-centred design through continuous incremental changes will improve user satisfaction, increase goals and enhance the quality of the experience as your audience interacts with your brand. This will put you ahead of the competition.

Although it can never be completely representative of real-life scenarios, user testing and evaluation can dramatically enhance performance of conversions like sales, enquiries, downloads and other actions – ultimately improving your bottom line.

By observing a ‘real’ user’s interactions on your website, we can understand what their objectives are and give a list of prioritised solutions to effectively correct issues and enhance the usability of your website.


Our agency follows a clear process to evaluate user actions, user journeys and behaviours.

By creating a clear plan and process from the start – arguably the most vital part of the entire process – it helps us provide consistent and reliable results.

We will help define the type of usability testing needed for your site/page, the purpose of the test, and what the benefits will be from usability testing.

Also, the types of users you wish to do the testing. We’ll also establish the questions we want to ask your users about your website to discover what works well, but more importantly, what doesn’t.



Zebedee is proud to have joined forces with leading market research agency Shift Insight who are experts in helping their clients understand markets and audiences and provide qualitative and quantitative analysis and insights.

Working hand-in-glove together, we will help recruit groups of testers relevant to your target audience and perform the necessary usability test. We’ll carefully evaluate testing sessions and notes and look for key issues and pain points (for example, submitting a form and using the navigation). We’ll also look at user comments to help build a picture of how well your website is working.

Providing a report of organised categorised data in an easy-to-understand format, you’ll be able to take this information away for your web design team, designer or stakeholders and present a list of priorities for quick wins and other beneficial changes. For example, in addition to other changes, we improved the contrast and added a drop shadow on a button for Fleet Tutors which resulted in a 450% increase in enquiries, representing a significant 342 additional enquiries per month.
Below is a video demonstrating how usability testing can be done. Here we implemented a ‘first impressions’ usability test which highlighted and prompted some simple, yet very effective changes.



If you are interested in our agency helping you with usability testing to improve the customer experience which will lead to increased conversions, please get in touch.

If you think good design is expensive,
you should look at the cost of bad design

Dr. Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover