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The Importance of Branding before creating a web design

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By Sarah Preston

Firstly let start at the beginning, What actually is Branding?

Branding in short is everything about your company, from the basics of the logo and colours to the slightly more complex of how to ‘manipulate’ peoples immediate judgement on your company.

It’s the voice of the company.

Before asking anyone to design or revise your branding you should first look at your company and decide what you want it to say. Do you want to be corporate like HSBC bank, sleek and clean like Apple or maybe you want something funky and creative like Mailchimp?

Whatever the voice, it needs to be set in stone from the start.

Once you have your company voice you can then look into the logo, colours fonts, the more fun and creative aspects! And of course, after those, you must set up branding guidelines to make sure anyone who comes into contact with your brand knows how they can and can’t use it.

To show you how important branding actually is and that making everything the same is key to building your company profile, let’s take an example company from above, Apple.

They have an instant cool, sleek and clean feeling to everything they do. Sticking to greys, whites and blacks with plenty of white space gives it that feel, then they bring in slight colours for different products.

For example, when you think of an iMac, you think of sleek design and quality products, which goes with the ‘normal’ Apple branding but if we now look take a look at the iPhone5c, the image that instantly comes to a lot of peoples minds is the bright, creative colours.

Apple has even been able to ‘drop’ their name from the logo and just use the Apple icon, if you see a black apple (even without the cut out) you think of that brand…branding at its best! They are a hugely successful company of course and it takes a long time to get it as good as they do!

Whatever the road, consistency is key, making sure your fonts, formatting, colours are always the same and used in the same way is the only way you can really ensure you are creating a brand people will recognise in time…and it does take time.

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