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How to build a landing web page design in 2020

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Landing Page Design

By Téa Liarokapi

Everything you need to know to be 2020-ready

Ah, landing pages… The miracle, standalone page that is there just to help you convert, hence the need for a Great landing page builder and an even greater, idea-packed post and web design agency that will help you turn your landing page into a conversion machine!

Landing pages are fun, creative and can be A/B tested pretty easily. Not to mention that, with some great design and UX elements, the pages will be shared around and become viral.

But let’s go ahead and see how you’ll grab the audience’s attention during the seven seconds you have at your disposal, and how you’ll eliminate competition while your ARR thanks you for your efforts!

Don’t know what your landing page should look like?

Dive into data! Landing pages are here to convert, and in order to convert, you’ll need to draw attention to yourself, your ad or the email that will be leading the users to the landing page.

There is no better way to do that than to incorporate a user’s thoughts, concerns and the reasons they’ll need your brand or product, into the copy and the design. You know the basic rule of modern marketing, after all: Your brand presents an ideal image of the customer’s self and not just the solution your product provides.

If you’re not yet familiar with the term ‘user-centered design’, it means to think like a customer, and tailor all content and services across touchpoints to be in line with what the customer wishes to understand and do.

Think like a prospect. Use their pain-points. Create your ideal personas and use them in a way that will speak directly to your customer. You can use machine learning and AI for that. This technology will help you create personas that will be more accurate and will give you an edge when it comes to customer segmentation and making estimates on a one on one basis.

This way, the copy will speak to the customers. The product will be exactly what they need. The way you lead them to the landing page will feel organic and intuitive, rather than just another sales pitch or attempt.

You can always send a survey as well, and ask what your audience likes, what they dislike and what they’d like to achieve by using your product or service.

And it doesn’t even have to be boring. You can use a QR code to gamify the experience-kind of like a treasure hunt!

Less is more-on landing pages, too!

You don’t need too many things for your landing page to be successful and the phrase “less is more” couldn’t be more accurate than it is in that case.

You’ll need clean, precise lines and content-both when it comes to its copy and its visual aspects-that will keep the user interested without making them go “What is that?”

A landing page that’s not loaded with information will help the visitor digest exactly what they need to digest, but there’s something more to being minimal than just the small amount of information.

A simple landing page loads faster. And faster loading times mean faster conversion, as it won’t make the user hit the “back” button.

But how are you going to make a landing page minimal?

Quoals has used all the basics that will make the landing page look minimal: a lot of white space, copy that tells the user exactly what to do with actionable verbs and CTAs and colors that are simple, a little muted but contrast and won’t steer away from the brand’s colors-or the logic of them anyway.

Use chatbots

A chatbot on a landing page is one of the freshest ideas that is going to be around quite a bit in 2020.

Essentially, the chatbot landing page is the landing page that features nothing more and nothing less than a chatbot, right there front and center, all ready to make the user engage and spend time on your page by feeding them information and making sure to get some feedback at the end.

A chatbot on your landing page is one of the forms of interactive landing pages and interaction is where it’s at nowadays! And let me tell you why.

Interactivity makes users stay longer on your page, which is logical, since everyone likes a little game here and there.

And you know what that means for your SERPs, right? Search engines consider you to be a valuable source, since nobody’s hitting the “back” button but, on the contrary, they’re on there and they’re spending time with your chatbot.

Chatbot landing pages are definitely a perfect way to engage people and you can use them for billions of reasons.

Imagine all the signups you’ll get with a chatbot landing page that will be talking about your event or webinar and will be giving all the information needed in a chatty, friendly tone. It will be a personal invite from a friend, rather than a blah email that can go unnoticed.

And speaking of emails, you can definitely ask for a subscription to your newsletter through those chatbots. Or, like it was suggested above, you can gamify the experience with a chatbot.

Just use the chatbot on your landing page and make it say anything you’d like it to say, whether it’s urging the user to take part in a promo or a survey. Just make sure to make it fun and exciting, in order to stand out.


Surely, there are more ways in which you can verify the optimal use of your landing page, but the trends that will dominate the field are the ones above.

Make sure to use videos as well, as video marketing is huge right now, and you’ll definitely see your landing page work for you like a charm!

Is there another thing you’d like to add when it comes to landing page trends? Make sure to email us and, as always, share the knowledge with your favorite marketer!

Guest Author Bio:

Tea Liarokapi Guest AuthorTéa Liarokapi is a content writer working for email marketing software company Moosend and an obsessive writer in general. In her free time, she tries to find new ways to stuff more books in her bookcase and content ideas-and cats-to play with.

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