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Brentford FC Community Sports Trust

A football website right on the ball

Brentford Football Club Community Sports Trust London runs a fantastic variety of training and activity programmes designed to engage and inspire the community. But their old web design was hard for users to navigate and difficult for the Trust to update, so they couldn’t promote activities or news. The new web design needed to fix these problems and appeal to parents, guardians, and public and private sector partners: it also needed to reflect and reinforce the charity’s ethos and values.

Kick off with a great CMS

This web site for Brentford FC Community Sports Trust really was a community effort! Firstly, they can now upload content easily thanks to a CMS they love – the brilliantly quick and efficient Umbraco. Then there’s the fresh up-to-date look, with news and message boards for last-minute announcements, Google calendar integration and a useful weather widget. YouTube video embedding provides a great format for news, and the newsletter registration is integrated with their mailing database, saving them time and money. Lastly, the web design accommodates a great selection of photos in an image slideshow, making the site really visual and engaging.

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It’s the Bees’ knees

The site has seen a 76.38% increase in visits over the past year. That’s a leap from 2,151 monthly visits to 3,794 – a whopping average increase of 1,643 visits. Over the past 2 years. 110.78% increase.

Thanks to the responsive web design, it’s an even better score for the mobile web site, with mobile Facebook visits shooting up by a staggering 2,200%.

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